Creepy Drabbles

Eye Candy

When he was but a wee baby, Mama decided it was time he learned to feed himself, so she set a bowl of macaroni and cheese in front of him and placed a fork in his hand.

With innocent delight he proceeded to thrust that fork directly into Mama’s eye.

One Eyed Mama (as she’s now known) swore an oath that this child would never be given a fork again.

And so it is, to this day, he eats without a fork… or a knife for that matter... just a spoon.

After all, spoons make tidy work of extracting eyeballs.

Music: "Funeral March For A Marionette" by Ergo Phizmiz [] 

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Dangerous Public

He was a lonely old soul who generally avoided the public, but every fine weather Sunday afternoon he would put on his best pressed suit and go sit on a park bench to observe life.
One such Sunday, a young girl in a party dress came and sat beside him. 
“Sir, I want to be a princess, what should I do?” she asked.
Charmed by this child that spoke to him (for no one else ever did), he answered in the kindest grandfatherly manner, “Just be yourself!”

She looked up with wide little girl eyes and hissed, “Both of them?!”

Music: "Ghost Processional" Kevin MacLeod (
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The Magic Show

His trick was simple. Place any pretty, blonde, unassuming and preferably dull witted assistant into the wooden box… just head and feet protruding on either end.

Cut on center with a chain saw. 

The assistant desperately shrieks before going disturbingly silent. He slowly separates the box revealing she has indeed been sliced in two. The audience gasps and screams as they stare in horror at the bloody severed entrails.

But then the assistant shouts out: “It’s an illusion! I’m okay!”

The curtains close to a standing ovation.

Backstage he smiles knowing that he is a better ventriloquist than a magician.

Music: "Danse of Questionable Tuning" Kevin MacLeod (
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The Intruder

The shower is probably the second most private place in this world… just you, the hot water, some soap. You never expect someone to creep up on you.

When I heard her bloodcurdling, heart searing scream I didn’t even think; I just bolted up the stairs, two at a time, threw open the bath door and yanked the curtain back.

She was naked, plastered flat against the wall, horrified; and there he was standing right in the shower with her.

I did what I had to do…

I squished the damn spider. He went down the drain in little pieces.

Shower sound effect:
Snippets from "Psycho" soundtrack and "Boris the Spider" by The Who used with my understanding of "Fair Use"

Bedtime Story

Darkness now rules, my child, but do not fear. Stop crying, pull the covers up tight and listen closely to your Papa, I'm here.

You must guard your eyes so you no longer imagine you see these creatures that haunt you.

And guard your ears lest you hear again whispering voices plotting evil against you when it's just the wind.

Guard your thoughts. Don't let your mind wander into these disturbing fantasies that keep you awake.

But most important, guard your toes because that is what they will bite off first if you get out of this bed again tonight.

(Music: "Come Out and Play" by DesperateMeasurez Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0)

Skeletons in the Closet

Her life was not supposed to be for everyone to see on the television evening news. She feels naked. Awkwardly standing silently as the charges are read.

How could they understand what she couldn't understand herself?

The way every man had used her and threw her away like the shit filled diapers of their bastard babies that now litter the floor.

The babies! Now counting eight. too many for her thirty-one years. Babies crying and crying, endlessly crying.

They can condemn her house and tear it down, hell, they can condemn her. But they can't make that crying go away.

(Music: "Lullaby" by _ghost / / licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution / Noncommercial) (news clip from WWLP News 22 Springfield MA / borrowed with my understanding of fair use)