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Going Downhill

Have you ever had that feeling when you just know things are not going to end well?

Like when you borrowed your brother’s rickety twenty-six inch three-speed with the rusted handbrakes… the ride up the hill was great using that first gear, but here you go, down the other side, picking up speed, faster and faster, squeezing useless brake handles, careening out of control until you’re facing the choice of being plastered onto the back of the ice cream truck you were chasing or plowing through Mrs. Thornton’s prize blue roses.
And that’s what turning fifty-seven felt like to me. 

Music: "The Gypsy Song" by The Freak Fandango Orchestra,
curator: freemusicarchive.org /
Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution / Share Alike 3.0

a cowboy the last time in history it was truly fashionable
(okay, maybe not even then)

give a 9 year old a desk and he'll think he's a writer

making your child take accordion lessons in the late 60's
= child abuse
making him smile for the Kodak Instamatic with the flash cube,
 striking a Lawrence Welk pose
while wearing a paisley shirt that almost matches those gawd awful curtains
= despicable child abuse

prototype photobomb

old-fashioned selfie
if a picture is worth a thousand words,
how many can I get for a torn photograph?

use imagination... insert life
...or not.